Video: MSNBC Lies About GOP Candidates

July 16, 2007

by The Understudy

Quote: “In the GOP, former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the only one who earned more than he spent in the past three months.” Not true. Three other candidates earned more than they spent [Source]: Huckabee and Romney barely earned more than spent, and Ron Paul earned a whopping $2 Million more than spent in Q2. Hold them accountable:

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One Response to “Video: MSNBC Lies About GOP Candidates”

  1. Frank Claude Says:

    You’re out of context news reports have simply indicated that you have NO CREDIBILITY any more. I will not waste my time watching a channel that has to distort the facts. Simple as that. You should be totally ashamed of yourselves. You have no integrity. That is a trait of a person that I hold very high. Obviously you don’t.

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