Does Not Compute

January 9, 2008

by the Understudy

On the campaign trail, we often hear (even from recognized media outlets) about the overwhelming presence of Ron Paul everywhere you turn. Yesterday, Anderson Cooper of CNN noted that everywhere he went in New Hampshire, he saw significant Ron Paul support.

At the same time, it’s also becoming more and more common to hear from the media about the dismal support of Giuliani. Staffers reportedly cannot fill venues, there’s little enthusiasm—even today a personality from 23/6 posted a video of a Giuliani event in New Hampshire showing only a smattering of supporters, and little enthusiasm.

So, why is it that Ron Paul and Giuliani virtually tied in votes in the NH primary? Something about that just doesn’t seem to compute even if we take into consideration the zeal of Ron Paul supporters. It just doesn’t seem to add up.



5 Responses to “Does Not Compute”

  1. Jerry Says:

    It all because Americans are as stupid as one can be.
    Home of the Brave??? If Brave means doing nothing while your country is being taken over by your corrupt Government…If that`s what you call brave,then you are Brave indeed.
    Home of the Free…..Right! You have NO FREEDOM.
    Your own states,(NH) are voting in War Mongers,i.e.,(John McCain,Hillary Clinton).
    Your vote does not count one iota,and,your too dumb and selfish to do the right thing for your country.It`s greed that drives you ignorant people,and,it`s greed,along with stupidity that will bring you down……….SOON,very SOON.
    I,and the world,have lost all respect and trust of America and it`s people.
    We now have a group that just sets around in front of a TV and watches America Crumble to the ground while you so called,”Home of the Brave” cower in some corner.
    When,and IF,you ever decide to take your country back,your own Armies will shoot you down,if your great leader Bush,tells them to;how else will he control you,Black Water?Although!! He is building the Chinese Military and training them in “Advanced Police Work,and Crowd Control….ever wonder why?
    Home of the Brave…give me a break.’Wait!! America is on TV…can`t miss this…see ya later.
    I wonder if this is how the rest of the world is thinking? I wouldn`t blame them if they did.

  2. What does compute is that we need to get more voters
    to the polls.
    We need to find them, and get them to the polls.

    Just think about it.
    Many of the districts in New Hampshire
    got 10 votes. How hard would that have been to get
    20 votes.

    Make a list of everyone you know who might want to vote for Ron Paul. Get them to the poll.

    Just keep doing that.

    And we will win.

  3. josh m Says:

    I think the paradox might work something like this: Paul’s support is deeply motivated and can draw large crowds at rallies. We know this. Contrast this with the soft and unmotivated support for the establishment candidates. But whereas their motivation is significantly less—such activities are too ‘costly’ for them—this group comprises the overwhelming number of voters.

    Now, come the election, the problem for Paul is the almost non-existent barrier to entry in casting one’s ballot. Keep in mind an election is just a government-created abstraction—a popularity contest in which the ‘cost’ of casting a ballot is artificially low, below any rational market-clearing price (whatever that may be, even though it’s impossible to determine).

    You might see where I’m going with this: The enthusiastic Paul supporters show up to cast their ballots, but the artificially low entry ‘price’ to the election imposes almost zero cost on all voters. The votes for the candidates of ‘soft’ support are weighted equally alongside the votes of the enthusiastic Paul supporters. The fact that Paul’s supporters would be willing to pay a much higher ‘price’ for voting is eliminated as a factor: their enthusiasm does them no good in the context of the election.

    In this context, the cost of voting is a form of government price-fixing and there is no measure for depth of support in an election. You have a ‘run’ on total ballots cast, and Paul’s percentage of the total remains low. Also, I think Gresham’s Law is at work here as well: the cheap votes drive out the good votes.

    I don’t know if I’m onto something, or if I’m full of it. Feel free to add anything to this you care to.

  4. Matt Sherman Says:

    Just like the first two Bush Elections were fixed, so this election is being fixed. Bush owns the media and has Fox news in his pocket, they continue to discredit Ron Paul so they can justify his numbers being low. However, if the truth were actually reported Ron Paul has lots of credit and his numbers are way above what they are being shown.
    Bush did the same thing in his last election, he lowered gas prices the oil hog that he is, then had the media report the lower gas prices were making his approval rankings go up. They did this for 9 months until the election. Bogus BS. Wake up and get this mobster out of office.
    Submit your impeachment ballot, the only ballot to truely be counted.

  5. I believe the answer is in the counting or reporting of the number of votes. There needs to be a redundant means of accounting.

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