Fair Tax, Unfair Debate

June 22, 2007

by The Understudy

When Ron Paul was conspicuously not invited to a debate in Iowa, the Executive VP of Iowans For Tax Relief, Edward D. Failor, was noted as defending this action by claiming that Ron Paul was not a ‘credible’ candidate and suggesting that the “people who support [Ron Paul]” are hackers trying to break into the fortress that is the Iowans for Tax Relief website.

As for the latter, who cares? Most Ron Paul supporters would denounce such activity. Moreover, the actions of one guy trying to break a password cannot be used to label millions of supporters as hackers.

As for Ron Paul’s credibility, I think Edward D. Failor should follow the lead of CNN and MSNBC. Both recognized Dr. Paul as credible by including him in their debates—unless of course Mr. Failor believes the Iowan Tax Debate is somehow more prestigious and notable than network debates.

Finally, I thought I’d look into this Ed Failor on that series of tubes that all of the internets are made of, so I went to Yahoo and searched for his name. Needless to say, I was amused by Yahoo’s suggestion:


PS: I also thought there was some numerical significance to this screen shot.